Too Much Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

At the next stop we left the PeopleMover station and walked to a nearby Burdines store. Above the display window, was a sign saying, "What’s wrong with this picture". In the display window, was a mannequin with clothes on, a clock, a chair, and various other items. Each item had a price tag hooked to it. Some smart person said, "I know the answer. The clock has roman numerals, and the four is a IIII instead of a IV." I replied, "No, it’s traditional for Roman clocks to be like that!" We argued about this for a while, eating into our valuable ten minutes per puzzle. We finally picked a bracelet on the left hand, deluding ourselves into thinking that the right hand is right, and the left hand is wrong.


Ironically, the clock had the ten and eleven O’Clock position swapped. The clock was the "right" answer.