Three Blind Mice?

It was bedlam! At least half of the 20,000 people were at this puzzle. Running through them were a number of "mice", Tropic people dressed as mice. A sign said "How Many Mice Too Many". A loudspeaker blared "Three Blind Mice" over and over. I ran through the crowd. "Ah, there’s a mouse, there’s a mouse..." There was no way. This needed quantification, a scientific approach, an engineering solution. I noted the characteristics of the mice. There was a fat mouse, a skinny mouse, a female mouse, uh, make that two fat mice, another skinny mouse, wait, that might be the same as the first skinny mouse, ...tilt! There were a lot of similar looking mice, maybe about a dozen.


Ozzie and I returned later. They had corralled the mice into a roped area, where hunters weren’t allowed. However, the mice had panicked and were running every whichway. I counted 10, 11 , 10, now 11, now 9. Ozzie jumped over the rope and walked along the corral. Each time he passed a mouse, he counted it. He came up with a definitive 10.  The actual answer was seven, since there were seven too many, compared to the "Three Blind Mice".


Much later in the day, we walked past the puzzle again. The sun and the costumes had gotten to the mice and all ten were dormant. Do mice hibernate? Not many hunters were here either.