The Roving Clue

The Tropic had warned all hunters not to discard anything, so we’d carefully kept all the clues, and handouts from the hunt. We knew that there was a moving clue and kept looking for this. We considered blimps, and balloons, and helicopters. There were food vendors, and one vendor was giving away fortune cookies. I carefully examined the cookie, and the fortune inside. It said something like, "Fortune smiles on those who persevere". However, another person received a different fortune. We reasoned that since you were only given one fortune cookie, that the fortune cookies were a red herring. Of course, it didn’t taste like a red herring. Fortunately for our team, Carol had examined the clear wrapping of the cookie, and saw that it said, "Fortune Cookie, Fortune Cookie, Fortune Cookie, Fourteen Cookie, Fortune Cookie." The last puzzle (and trickiest) was solved.