On The Right Track

An hour went by. We thought and analyzed, and investigated alternatives, and had a few false leads, but nothing. It was a glum, discouraging hour. At the end of the hour, the radio announced, "Because no one has solved the puzzle, we will broadcast an auxiliary clue: Crossword Puzzle". The tropic magazine had a crossword puzzle. In the spirit of Boy Scout-ism (Be Prepared), Ralph had already completed the tropic crossword. The answer to 12-D was "Bushel". Chris had already considered this possibility, but had not found anything on the map! Notice also, that we completely missed the Crossed clue on the sign at location 12-D. The font was even in the same font that was used in the crossword puzzle.


Rapidly scanning the map, we found a bushel of apples hidden under a bridge. Again, we ran and raced! We sped and sprinted! At some point during this run, I recall seeing Carol run past me. She was eight months pregnant!


We got to the bridge, and there was a farmer there with a bushel. We were into the final rounds.