The Meaning of Words

Having solved all seven puzzles, we used the numbers to give us the clue phrases out of the Tropic Magazine. (If someone has these, I’ll be glad to add them here.) The phrases told a bizarre story, but it hung together enough to convince us that we were on the right track. Only one phrase didn’t fit in: "Certain things have meaning, even words." Ozzie and I were on the People Mover, and I suddenly thought of a practical joke to play on Ozzie. "Hey, Ozzie, I’ll bet that they mean that only words with an even number of letters should be used." I giggled to myself as I thought of Ozzie trying to make sense of half the words, words that didn’t mean anything to begin with! After a moment, Ozzie said excitedly, "Knox, out of ninety words, only four of them are even! What are the odds of that? Shouldn’t half of them be even?!" I was shocked. The even words worked out to solve the combined phrases, "Ignore this nonsense.  Your Answer is Fourteen."