A Photo Finish?

At 3:00 pm, a finishing clue was to be broadcast, which combined with the previous puzzles would allow you to proceed to the next step. This allowed the contest not to be a speed contest. We ate lunch and took a short break before the finishing clue. The time approached. We gathered around our radios; we had our tape recorders, we had our pencils, we had our notepads, we had paper, we were ready! At the appointed time, the clue was broadcast:




D?! 12-D! A location on the map! We ran and raced! We sped and sprinted! All around us, people were running in all different directions. We arrived at 12-D and saw a sign with this message, "Wrong. We Crossed you up". As we pondered this discouraging message, people were running everywhere. One person would give a shout as he thought of something, and take off running. Several sheep would see this and follow. Soon, a whole herd of people would be running.