The Honeymoon of Carolyn & Knox

Ok, just one shot from the wedding...

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Kona Village

You walk among the gardens

Kona Village

Sea turtles by the shore

K & C

We made our own historical petroglyph using coral on the black lava.

Our Hut

We stayed in our own hut in Kona Village

The coast of Kauai

A crater from the helicopter

Smoldering crater

Waterfall on the north side of Kauai

Dusk on Mount Mauna Kea

22 Observatories are located 14,000 ft on this peak

Grand Canyon of Hawaii

Mark Twain nicknamed these canyons on Kauai.

The Four Seasons on Maui

Falls at the Napoli Coast

You only see these when hiking 4 miles in and 4 out

Top of a waterfall

The road to Hana

Carolyn managed to avoid getting soaked